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Big Fat Geek Podcast

May 30, 2019

The geeks gathered to give their thoughts and feelings about the blockbuster Avengers Endgame. Spoilers abound so don't ruin it for yourself before listening. Let us know what you thought about Endgame and your thoughts on the future of the MCU!

May 15, 2019

Chris and Nathan got together to talk all things Game of Thrones after episode 3 of this final season

Mar 7, 2019

Chris, Nathan, and Dallas sit down to play the deck-building board game Clank!, and record the whole thing. While recording, they catch up on what they've been up to geek-wise since they last recorded. Including some conversations about Punisher, Video Games, and what to expect from Captain Marvel. 

Clank! <

Nov 15, 2018

BFGP episode 30

Current State of Our Geek Lives

Given that it had been awhile between our previous two episodes, the geeks wanted to catch up with one another on what they'd been up to, casual nerdom-wise.

Star Trek mirror universe comic series -

Nov 6, 2018

The Big Fat Geeks are back! The guys talk about their top 3 movies that creeped them out as kids. What were some movies that creeped you out?